• J.T. Realmuto

  • Test embed of donorbox form

    Donor Box emedded within a page aseball ipsum dolor sit amet passed ball outs, sweep stretch bleeder triple play. Left fielder count fair swing cork balk ball. Full count southpaw reliever lineup crooked number fastball second base. Perfect game outfielder rally force dodgers right fielder dead ball era right field. Pickoff world series peanuts batting […]

  • Pandemic Responsible for Global High Inflation, Fed Chair Powell says

    During a conversation with the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says that none of the high inflation seen globally would have happened without the pandemic. Mr. Powell says the pandemic “severely disrupted the economy” by causing shifts in demand and supply-side constraints, as well as a reduction in the size […]

  • Martin Van Buren – a life portrait

    It is said that Martin Van Buren is a great magician. I believe it. But his only wand is good common sense, which he uses for the benefit of the country. Andrew Jackson They called him the little magician, in part because of the power he wielded as the smoothest operator in New York state […]

  • Anne Applebaum – Gulag – Booknotes

    The Gulag – the vast array of Soviet concentration camp —was a system of repression and punishment whose rationalized evil and institutionalized inhumanity were rivaled only by the Holocaust. The Gulag entered the world’s historical consciousness in 1972, with the publication of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s epic oral history of the Soviet camps, The Gulag Archipelago. Since the […]

  • Rethinking Sex – a conversation with Christine Emba

    Listen On: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts Washington post columnist Christine Emba offers her thoughts on sexual consent and societal attitudes towards in the 21st century. She’s interviewed by author Donna Freitas. After Words is a weekly interview program with relevant guest hosts interviewing top nonfiction authors about their latest work. DONNA FREITAS: […]

  • Sarah Longwell on Efforts to Oppose a Future Trump Political Candidacy

    Listen On: Spotify | Apple Podcasts Sarah Longwell, founder of the Republican Accountability Project, talked about efforts by her group to oppose a future Trump political candidacy and highlight his role in the January 6th Attack on the Capitol. TRANSCRIPT PEDRO ECHEVARRIA: Sara Longwell is the executive director of the Republican Accountability project, and she also […]

  • FBI Search of Mar a Lago – Former U.S. Attorney Bret Tolman

    Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman talked about the FBI’s search of former President Trump’s Florida home on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. Bill Scanlan: Brett Tolan is with us. He is the former u.s. attorney. With this this morning to talk about the ongoing legal question about the aftermath of the search of mar-a-lago, the president’s former home the — […]